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Leave Rules

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Leave Rules

Every student must have at least 75% attendance to appear in any of the terminal examinations. Those who fail to fulfill this criterion for any terminal will be debarred form that terminal examination and marked zero for the same in the mark sheet. Request from the defaulters in this regard will not be entertained. 75% attendance criterion is applicable to each of the two examinations. However prize of 100% attendance will be given on the basis of total attendance in an academic year.
In case a child remains absent for three consecutive days without permission after a long vacation or in the beginning of session, his or her name will be struck off the school rolls. For rest of the session, absence for six consecutive days, without prior permission, will lead to the name of the child being struck off the school rolls. Re-admission will be purely on the discretion of the principal and that too with full admission fee. A fine of Rs. 5.00 per day will be changed for every unexplained absence of student from the school.
All the students are expected to join the school on the notified date at the beginning of the school term. A fine of Rs. 10.00 is imposed for absence on re opening date unless the principal is informed before the beginning of the term and satisfied about the reason. Leave may be granted only on the following grounds:

Classes offered :

  • Preparatory classes - Lower Nursery, Upper Nursery, KG
  • Elementary Classes - I to V
  • Middle School - VI to VIII
  • Secondary - IX & X
  • Senior Secondary - XI & XII
  • The school prepares candidates for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (class X) and the Indian School Certificate Examination (class XII) New Delhi.
    • (i) ICSE Section (upto class X) The Subjects for the examination are English (1st Language), Hindi/Bengali (2nd Language), Environmental Education, History/Geography, Mathematics, Science, Economic Application Economics & Computer studies etc.
    • (ii) ISC (+2) Section In Class XI & XII along with English, Environmental Education and second Language (Hindi/Bengali) which are compulsory, the following elective subjects are offered in this streams.
    • (a) Science Stream : Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Computer Science etc.
    • (b) Commerce Stream: Economics, Business Maths/Business Studies, Principles of Accounts, Commerce, Computer Science etc.
    • (c) Humanities (Arts): Pol. Science, Sociology, History,/Hons. Science, Economics/Geography/Computer Science.


"We believe to equip every child with the weapon of education and all round development to provide them with an opportunity to change the world."


Opening of Ratnakar North Point School , Howrah (W.B.) was a long awaited dream of an educational saint (the founding father) Shri Ratnakar Pandey .


Guardians are expected to check school diary regularly. Guardians are requested to take part in seminars and other functions arranged by the school.