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School Philosophy

We feel the responsibility to recognize the dignity and worth of each student and excavate their individual talents. It is our firm belief that all youth should get equal opportunities of education and all round development, according to their personal, social and emotional needs. Education should be such that would inculcates in the students a stream of moral values and positive thinking a process that will initiate new methods of thinking and growth of knowledge.

So, we move with a vision to :

  • Establish a secure and positive environment for all staffs and students
  • Induce leadership quality among the young learners.
  • Develop good communications skills.
  • Inculcate ethical and cultural values for a logical and independent thinking.
  • Recognize the role of parents as partner in the learning process.
  • Encourage in the positive relationship and mutual collaboration among home, school and community.
  • Provide healthy environment and extracurricular activities for a healthy, active and productive life
We also inculcate among our students the spirit of "Service Before Self" which is our motto.


"We believe to equip every child with the weapon of education and all round development to provide them with an opportunity to change the world."


Opening of Ratnakar North Point School , Howrah (W.B.) was a long awaited dream of an educational saint (the founding father) Shri Ratnakar Pandey .


Guardians are expected to check school diary regularly. Guardians are requested to take part in seminars and other functions arranged by the school.