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  • New Session will be started from 9th April, 2018.
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Value Education

We stress upon to inculcate moral values among the students. Values are - respect and responsibility. It conducted as a part of class activities in the home - room period. Students are given topics based on moral values like honesty, fairness, tolerance, prudence, compassions, cooperation, helpfulness, self-discipline and courage etc.

To discuss and they are observed and evaluate according to adoption and reflection of these values in their behavior.


"We believe to equip every child with the weapon of education and all round development to provide them with an opportunity to change the world."


Opening of Ratnakar North Point School , Howrah (W.B.) was a long awaited dream of an educational saint (the founding father) Shri Ratnakar Pandey .


Guardians are expected to check school diary regularly. Guardians are requested to take part in seminars and other functions arranged by the school.